Monday, February 11, 2013

Mercury Tattoo Studio Presents:

A Valentines Day Benefit for Every Mother Counts

On Friday, February 15th Mercury will be donating the proceeds of the day to a dear friend that is participating in the Every Mother Counts Half Marathon. Those Proceeds will come from a variety of areas. We of course will be tattooing and will be creating Valentines themed designs for the day. Also we will have prints available and any sold that day will also go to support this great cause.

As for the tattooing, we are trying something different this time around.  We have gathered and arranged 89 designs from various old valentines day cards. The plan is to try to keep the designs in the price range of $100 - $300. The images are varying in intensity and detail. Some are already good to go and will read well as a tattoo. Some will need to be redrawn so they will hold up and read well as a tattoo. We will also make whatever adjustments we need to in order to get the design to fit the spot you want.  This seemed like a fun way of providing a large variety of really unique designs that we will have a blast doing. If you are interested in getting tattooed please contact us via email as soon as possible with the following information:

1. Which design are you most interested in? Each one has a number associated with it.

2. What size are you looking to have it done? Keep in mind, the more detailed the image the more we may have to make adjustments to make it work well as a tattoo.

3. Where do you want to get it? Not all of the designs will fit the spot perfectly as is, but we will happily redraw the design to suit the spot.

4. Do you have an artist preference? if so, let us know. If not, we can figure it out with you.

5. Do you have a specific time you wanted to come in? It may turn into a hectic day so it is hard to guarantee a particular time, but we will do our best to keep things running smooth.

     We may still be able to draw and tattoo ideas worked out on the day of the event, but it will surely help to have advanced notice with the answers to the above questions. We are willing to do whatever we can to make the benefit successful as well as create some damn cool tattoos in the process!

     Below are the selections we put together. They are a mix of styles and themes for sure, so take your time going through them all. There is bound to be something that pulls at your heart this Valentines Day!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Wolves,Witches & Clever Children

Wolves,Witches & Clever Children

Mercury Tattoo Studio
April 14th, 2012 - June 16th

This is the 1st gallery show at Mercury's new location in Doylestown. It is also the first in our planned series of shows. We are anticipating at least 4 shows per year and are excited to get the ball rolling with this fairy tale themed group show.

"Wolves, Witches & Clever Children" as the show is named, is a group art show themed to Grimm's fairy tales. The invited artists were asked to tie their work in to one of the hundreds of stories collected and retold by the Brothers Grimm. Speaking for myself, it was a very difficult choice which story I wanted to work out. Even stories I thought I was familiar with, when visited now, are much darker and surreal than what I remembered from my childhood.

To accompany the gallery show we had a home brew and cider tasting. Our thanks to good friends Dylan Steeb and Lee Mcginniss. They are brewed 2 beers and 2 ciders to accompany the Grimm fairy tale theme! Both of the beers were considered lost German recipes. Lee also helped a ton throughout the night of the opening by being in charge of the tasting.

While we were having the art show at Mercury, we also be hosted Jay Berndt at Siren Records a stones throw from our front door! Jason is a dear friend that also happens to be an amazing singer and songwriter from Providence, RI. His style is hard to put a label on as his influences are as varied as: country/blues/soul/rock and punk. At any given point any of those influences can be clearly found in his playing/singing style. His solo work is most closely tied to the Americana traditions. Jay's website is (he will also be playing with his band Jay Berndt and the Orphans as well as a killer local folk punk band "Top Soil" at the after party but more on that in a moment) Siren has been one of my favorite record shops since I was a teenager and I could not be more excited to be able to work with them on this! Hopefully it will serve to kick off our plan to start promoting a lot more shows in town.

Finally we were really excited to have our after party at MOM's just around the corner from the shop! As mentioned earlier Jay Berndt and the Orphans played along with good friends Top Soil from Frenchtown NJ. Top Soil is made up of Squidd and Rich Cahill (who also happens to be one hell of a good Tattooer as to describe them as bluegrass/anarcho punk doesn't make sense until you hear them. Then it just plain works. Top Soil's website MOM's is located at 37 N Main Street Doylestown PA 18901. Just around the corner from Mercury. In our short time being open in town, we have quickly become friends and supporters of theirs for sure!

If you missed the opening, you missed a great night... But rest assured the art show is still hanging, and is certainly worth making a point of stopping by to check it out!

Below are photos and info for the artwork hanging in the show.
Click on the photo to go to the artist's website.


Scott Bramble

The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet
Ink wash and marker

Frank Guthier

Briar Rose

Jamie Schwartz

The hare and the hedgehog

Scott Althen

The stolen farthing


Godfather death

Scott Veldhoen

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy
Ink wash

Rayna Polsky

Snow white

John Bicknell

The rose

Bob Bradley

The spirit in the bottle

Jay Cooper

Spirit in the bottle

Little Chico

The juniper tree

Alex Miller

7 ravens
Acrylic and crayon

Victoria and Tom

Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast
Starring hoss and hank

Rich Handford

Red riding hood

Amber Carr

Little red cap
Charcoal and colored pencil

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pushing Up Pumpkins 5 and Mercury Tattoo's 10th Anniversary party

This year was a special one for Mercury Tattoo. To go along with the annual art show, we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary. The show opened on October 30th and was followed by a continued party down the street at the Blue Comet. We were lucky enough to have some good friends, Jay Berndt and Chris Fullerton play an amazing show to help us ring in another year!

Also, to go along with the party and art show, Scott was able to hang a selection of his personal work. He has been especially busy so there are a half dozen or so new paintings as well as a selection of his work from the 4 previous Pushing Up Pumpkins shows. He will be posting on his own blog about all of those as soon as time allows.

A special thanks goes out to Holly Frabizio and Marcelo Rivera for all the time and effort they put into the decorations, and again to Holly for her skills baking and preparing most of the amazing food. I say most because I should point out we also got some pretty incredible vegan goodies from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem PA.

Below are Photos from the art show, and from the Blue Comet. Most of the artwork is for sale so feel free to call the shop to check pricing and availability.
Mercury Tattoo Studio
 Eve Hoyt
Eve Hoyt
Adam Makler
 Tim Pangburn (follow this link to his website)
Little Chico (follow this link to go to his website)
Elvis Lewis (follow this link to go to his myspace page)
Turk (follow this link to go to his website) Also watch for guest spot dates at Mercury in Feb!
Scott Bramble (follow this link to go to his blog)
Scott Althen (follow this link to go to his website) Also Scott will be doing a Guest Spot at Mercury November 16th-20th
Tim Shelton (follow this link to go to his website)
Taylor Horne (follow this link to go to his website)
Taylor Horne (follow this link to go to his website)
Alice White (follow this link to go to her flickr page)
Rich Cahill (follow this link to go to his website)
Frank Guthier (follow this link to go to his website)
Rudy Stumpf
Joy Lessposh (follow this link to go to a store featuring her artwork, clothing, etc)
Frank Rudy (follow this link to go to his page at the timeless tat2 website)
Chris Stumpf (follow this link to go to his shop Timeless Tat2's website)
 Jay Berndt from the party at the Blue Comet

Here is a video from our dear friend Jay Berndt from his Cd release party for "Sad Bastard Songs" The album that Scott did the cover painting for!
Jay also taped his set from The Blue Comet and HERE is a link to his song "Black, Tan, and Wasted" from that night.

I wish I had a video of Chris Fullerton. He played an amazing show ( I know, I have the mp3 files from his set). Check out the link to his myspace and hear some of his damn fine country music!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Full-Time Artist!!!

Hey Everyone,
Mercury Tattoo is very excited and proud to announce the addition of Full-Time Artist Frank Guthier!!! June is going to be a very exciting month for all of us here. We hope that many of you will stop by the shop in the coming weeks and welcome Frankie to the Mercury Family. Speaking of family, we wish Frankie and Krista the very best of luck as they await the arrival of a baby girl!!

Some tattoo photos and background on Frankie G. :

Frank Guthier, "Frankie G," as most of his friends and clients in the area know him as, has been tattooing in Bucks County for the past 11 years. He has done guest spots in Europe and all over the United States. He calls Mercury Tattoo his new home as of June 2010.

Frankie has a deep passion for Tattoo History and appreciates all types art and expression. He enjoys working on Traditional Style tattoos as well as the Neo-Traditional style that combine some of the timeless designs from the 1900's with some of the modern techniques of today. He works on and even builds some of his own Tattoo Machines. He is constantly drawing and painting, often working with Watercolor as well as a variety of Mixed Media tools.

When not tattooing, Frankie leads a very active life that includes: hiking, fishing, biking and almost anything that includes the outdoors. He spends time at flea markets and antique stores, what he refers to as, "finding the unknown treasure." He loves working with metals, he even has a small foundry that he casts brass once and a while. Frankie tries to find time to ride his Scooter; he has a great fondness for old Vespas and Lamberettas. He and a few close friends have discussed starting a Scooter Club in the near future.

Check out some of Frank's work: